HonorBound: Fortification, Leveling and Evolution Guide

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HonorBound contains a massive quantity of characters, which is important because you’ll need to weed out the best from the worst, and then use the best ones to advance in your quests. Leveling up and evolving are required in order to get as far as you can, because the quests get very difficult fairly quickly. Read on for the guide on how to evolve, fortify and level up your heroes in HonorBound!

Your main way to level up your heroes is, obviously, battling them. The tougher the battle, the more experience you earn, and PvP battles earn you more experience than PvE battles, but only if you win. If you catch or summon a new hero and add them to the party, though, go to one of the easier stages that you have already beaten in order to level them up a little bit before you start going after the toughest battles.

You will need to use embers to increase their rank once their levels max out, though. For your commander, no research will be needed – just tap the “plus” sign next to their rank category and spend some embers to upgrade. Max level increases by 10 per upgrade. For others, you will need to go to the research area and upgrade the rank of whatever type your heroes are – for example, Warrior Rank or Wizard Rank. Then you’ll have to upgrade each individual hero’s rank.

Once you research Ritual 2, you will be able to evolve your cards. The way that you can tell if a hero can evolve is to look at the “star” ranking in their info. It will be anywhere between 1 and 4 stars. This is their evolution rank, meaning that if there is 1 gold star and 3 gray stars, that hero can be evolved up to three times.

To evolve your hero, use the Evolve option under “Rituals” for any evolve-enabled hero that you have multiples of. Take the two identical heroes and evolve them and you will get one of the same hero, but of a higher rank. Most cards can evolve only once; some can evolve up to three times. This will increase all of the hero’s statistics.

Once you research Rituals 3, you will be able to Fortify cards. Pick a gaining card, then pick a number of sacrifice cards. You’ll lose the sacrifice cards and the gaining card will earn a large amount of experience. This makes it very easy to level up your heroes quickly, which helps for beating tougher levels and tougher enemies.

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