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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

After awhile the buttons to run the ads will get a little bit dicey even with an internet connection – the gold box unlock button and the income-multiplier spin wheel, especially. So for these, if you tap the “watch ad” button and you see a small black flash, then double-tap or triple-tap the button and the ad will show up. With the offline-income, just do this from the outset to avoid losing your opportunity for the multiplier.

Any time that you see an upgrade that boosts ALL income by 100% after you upgrade your boat to the next tier, focus on this upgrade and make it your priority. This one will have an immediate and extremely noticeable effect on your income, especially when combined with the ad multiplier. Then you can focus on the other upgrades once you finish with that one.

Spin the multiplier wheel as many times as you want to in order to juice up the jackpot. If you spin and spin, you will always keep the highest multiplier that you’ve spun – so for example, if you spin a 4x, and then a 2x, the 4x will remain as your bonus. So there’s no risk to spinning the wheel, only reward. And yes, despite the huge number of times you’ll have to spin to hit the jackpot sometimes, it IS possible to hit the jackpot with enough spins.

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Want to get a whole bunch of offline income right away? Go to the date and time settings and set your time ahead by however much your maximum offline time is. So if your maximum offline time is five hours, set the time ahead by that much. Go back to the game and you will earn a ton of cash.

Once you do that, then go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal. Go back to the game and you’ll keep your money, but your earnings will still keep progressing. That means that with no further tricks, you can just keep doing that same trick over and over again. The multiplier will expire quicker, though, so you will need to spin for the multiplier again if you chopped more than two hours off of the cool down time.

Also, after you do the trick and then set the time back to normal, likely the video ads will go away so you won’t be able to immediately do the multiplier or claim your chests again. So once you set the time back to normal, you’ll have to close completely out of the app. Once you do, load it up again and once the game loads, the ads will come back.

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