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Hop Shot – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Hop Shot is a new iOS and Android endless arcade hopper. Your goal in this game is to get as far as you can while collecting as many coins as possible, setting high score marks and unlocking new characters as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hop Shot for the iOS and Android platforms!

The way to jump to the next platform accurately is to tap in the opposite direction of which way you want to jump. Tap and hold and the X will move outward, and when you let go of the screen, your character will jump to wherever the X stopped at. That means if it lands in the water, you’ll jump in the water. If you went too far or you want to redo a tap, you can hold the screen until the X goes offscreen. Then it will disappear and you can hit it again.

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You can skip a space ahead whenever you can see two spaces up on the screen. Simply tap and hold the screen, aiming for two lily pads ahead, then aim the X at that one instead of the very next one. If the next platform is a coin platform, though, don’t skip it.

A coin platform can either give you one coin or five coins when you hit it – the number will be determined by whatever it says in the middle of the platform. These are the main way to get coins, but you can also get a free prize of coins by watching an ad video whenever you see the offer. This will give you a lot more coins at a time, making it easy to save up for new characters.

When you earn 250 coins, then you will be able to roll for a character. When you earn 300 points, you will get a very large free coin bonus. The more points you score on each stage, of course, the faster that coin bonus will come.

To make it easier to aim, tilt your phone so that the next lily pad is directly above the current one. Then tap directly below where you are targeting, and take care of the distance. This will aim right towards the center of the next platform, and is especially helpful when you go on further in the level and the platforms start to shrink.