Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack – Top Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

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Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android featuring the blobs from the Hopeless series. Your goal is to earn a ton of coins and gems, unlock all of the blobs, and beat an endless parade of bosses with hilarious names using the combined power of your blobs and your taps. You can prestige to earn hopes and do it all over again with more strength and more boosts. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack!

Tap with more than one finger at any point possible. Don’t tap with multiple fingers, but alternate taps and you will be able to tap faster than you otherwise would have. This might not be of huge importance during normal battles, but when you fight against a boss, especially one of the larger bosses (on levels that are a multiple of 10), double-speed and triple-speed taps will help you beat the timer and defeat them.

Of course, the more damage that your blobs do, the farther you can get in the game with less actual effort. The blobs will do all of the work for you, here. At levels 20, 40, 60, 100, and every multiple of 100, your blobs will unlock new perks. At certain levels (depends on the character), you’ll get a huge damage boost, as well, which is easier to figure out if you set your upgrades to multiples of 10 or above.

Once you hit level 400, you will be able to prestige. When you prestige, you earn hope, and when you earn hope, you can use hope to purchase artifacts. Artifacts will act as damage boosters, as well as giving you more specific perks, such as increased spell damage, tap damage, melee/ranged/spell blob damage, and even coin boosts.

Tap on any chest that you find on the battlefield. These chests contain some of the biggest boosts you’ll get in the game, as oftentimes they contain equipment. Equipment can have a lot of perks, but the best ones tend to be damage multipliers that work for all damage. Once you earn multiple pieces of equipment in the same category, choose the one that multiplies your overall damage, typically, especially after you prestige.

When you come back from a long while offline (such as after you sleep for awhile), you’ll earn offline income. Make sure that you check to see if you have an internet connection before you do this, since when you collect your offline income, you will have the option to double it by watching an advertisement video.

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