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Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape – How to get the secret mystery characters

Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape, like Crossy Road, comes to the app store and Google Play with a wide assortment of characters that you can find and unlock. Also like Crossy Road, this game has all kinds of hidden secret characters that you can unlock, that cannot be purchased in the game’s IAP store. Currently there are three hidden characters in this game. Medusa, Xeno and Skinny are the three. Read on to find out how to unlock all of these secret characters!

Medusa is the first of the secret characters, and you unlock her in a different way than all of the others. First, you have to be at the title screen. Watch all of the various things that pass on and off of the screen. You’ll mostly see orange snakes and helicopters, and if you tap them nothing will happen. However, watch also for the green snake to appear on the screen because when you tap it, Medusa will be unlocked and you can then pick her on the character select screen.

The second of these characters is Xeno, the alien. Unlocking this one is simple. Look around in the sky, regardless of if it’s day or night. Eventually after a little bit of looking around, you’ll see a UFO in the background somewhere in the sky. Tap on the UFO and you will unlock Xeno, and he/she will become a playable character. You can now pick them out from the character select screen.

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The third secret character is Skinny, the dude who looks like Slender Man and is, in a roundabout way, named after him. When you are hopping through the Forest, look for some shadowy dude peeking out from between two trees and then tap on him. Once you tap on him, you’ll unlock the shadowy dude, who happens to be Skinny. Now you can pick him out from the character select screen.

None of these hidden characters have any hidden bonus powers – that’s only reserved for the premium characters, the ones who you have to spend gems in order to unlock. The secret characters, just like the normal characters, don’t have any special abilities.

Stay on the lookout for more hidden characters to appear whenever the game is updated. The developers are sure to add more updates to the mix, and when they do we will have all of the information on how to unlock all of the hidden bonus characters. Until then, keep hopping and try to go for the highest score possible on Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape!