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Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Some of the premium characters have special bonuses that can help you out in one way or another. Usually, this is characters that have been purchased using gems rather than coins. The Mother is one of the best secret characters as when you use her, she kisses flies rather than eats them, and (most importantly) the flies are magnetized towards her. That means it is much easier to get a high score on stages like this.

To unlock Xenos, watch the sky and look for a UFO to float by. Once you see the UFO, tap directly on the UFO. Xenos is this alien-looking dude, and as soon as you tap on the UFO, you’ll unlock him as a playable character. You’ll then be able to use him from the next match on. You’ll have no extra powers, though.

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To unlock Skinny, when you go to the forest look around for the dude who looks like Slender Man peaking out from behind a couple trees. Tap him and he will become a playable character. Skinny is a Slenderesque ghost character without a face and like Xenos, he also has no super powers. However, it is fun to have all of these secret characters.

Once you get the Fly Mother, you can score a ton of easy points by jumping, then tapping the parachute button right away, and then flying a long distance. The magnetism of the character will draw the flies in, unlike when you do this huge jump with other characters, so you can easily score a ton of points without having to really think about it too much. Just make sure to drop at the right point so you land on a good platform.

If you see an offer pop up that asks you to review the game, take the offer. Once you review it from the offer, you will earn a free 1,000 flies. Go to the in app purchase store (an easy way to get there is to go to the shop with the characters and just try to purchase one that is too expensive). Then tap the button and either rate the app or don’t – either way, you already have your 1,000 flies now once you hit the rate it now button.

Look for more hidden secret mystery characters to be added to Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape once the game is updated again. These will most likely be found in the same manner that the current ones are, which is by finding something hidden in the background and tapping it.
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