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Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape is a new iOS and Android endless hopper by Turbo Chilli. In many ways it plays like a retro 8-bit-esque version of Crossy Road, except with the whole parachute mechanic, but it has all kinds of new characters that you can purchase, and new secret characters (such as Skinny, Medusa and Xeno) that you can unlock manually. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape!

You have free gifts that you can earn every once in awhile, just from a certain amount of time counting down. If you want to earn that free gift right away, go to the date and time settings on your phone or tablet and set them ahead by however much time you have left to unlock the next free gift (fifteen minutes, an hour, etc). Then go back to the game, play a round and die and you’ll get your free gift. Do this as many times as you want, at last as much as you can stomach your phone being at an insanely weird time.

All of the frogs have the same kind of skills, for the most part. The only ones with performance boosts over the others are the ones which cost gems to purchase. For example, if you purchase Floppy (the Flappy Bird homage), you will have the ability to fly further. You can fly VERY far though just by tapping the screen immediately after you jump and holding it. The parachute will come out while you’re still flying upward and you’ll fly VERY far for as long as you hold the screen.

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Every so often a button pops up asking you to watch a video in exchange for earning free flies. Generally this video tends to appear once every two to three plays. If you want to rack up flies quickly, then die as quickly as possible in order to get the video to appear more frequently. Do this over and over until you have enough flies for whatever character you are trying to purchase.

There are two ways to earn more gems for free without having to spend money for them. One is to get them from the timed free gifts that pop up every so often, which usually get you flies but sometimes will earn you free gems. Another way to do so is to complete the word Hoppy in the round you’re playing for free extra gems. You can complete the word multiple times in the same round if you want to.

While none of the characters that you can buy with coins have any special powers, some of them have an associated easter egg or two, sometimes having to do with a pop culture reference. For example, Marky, which is a Markiplier reference, will have flies smiling when you eat them.
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