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Horizon (Ketchapp): Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Horizon is a new endless flyer by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to fly a drone as far as you can through an obstacle-ridden course. You can earn gems, complete missions, and unlock all kinds of new drones, all while competing against players all over the world to see who can get the highest score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Horizon by Ketchapp!

When you’re playing, always keep your eyes as far ahead as possible so that you can see the patterns to all of the obstacles, especially the moving ones. If you don’t see the patterns, then you’re liable to end up flying into a wall and smashing your ship into pieces. If you do see them, then you’ll make it farther on the stage.

As you make progress in the game, you’ll be promoted to new levels and ranks. To reach new ranks, you need to do three things. Complete challenges, unlock new ships, and unlock new trails. Each one that you unlock will move you forward toward the next rank.

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You will always have one challenge to complete, and when you complete it, you will get rewards, including gems, and possibly new trails. Some of the challenges include doing barrel rolls. To do a barrel roll, swipe quickly to the right or to the left during the game. This has practical uses, as well; a barrel roll can move you sideways quicker than just moving to the right or the left will, making for snappier movements around obstacles.

To unlock new drones, you need to spend gems. The first new ship costs 150 gems, and every subsequent one costs ten more gems than the one before it (160, then 170, etc). Drones are ranked from common to rare, epic, and legendary. The performance is the same no matter what the rarity tier is, the only difference is that the rarer ones are more difficult to get.

To earn gems quickly, take advantage of every possible method to collect them quickly. Pick them up during the game, and then take the video offer after the round ends, and collect your free gems from the video. Then, set push notifications so that you can collect the free gifts every time that they pop up. You’ll be able to load up on new drones this way.