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House Flip with Chip and Jo – Tips and Tricks Guide: Become a house flipping tycoon and a shiplap magnate!

House Flip with Chip and Jo is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms, a surprise release starring Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. Your goal is to do exactly what they do in the show, which is to flip a house and make as much profit as you can. You can earn money, elbow grease, and You can move on from Waco, Texas (their home base) to new cities and flip new houses for even more profit. Read on for some tips and tricks for House Flip with Chip and Jo!

You can earn up to three stars on each house that you renovate. You have a specific set of tasks and “areas that need improvement” to complete for each house, with Problem Areas giving you the first star, Needs Improvement giving you the second one, and Staging giving you the third star. Once you earn all three stars by completing all of these tasks, you’ll be poised to make maximum profit on the house.

Generally, you want to work on one thing at a time with the house (so knock out all of the Problem Areas first, for example) and then work on the next category. This makes it easy to earn quick stars, and typically the stuff that you need to buy will be grouped together. Have both of your contractors going at the same time so that you can get things done as quickly as possible.

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Elbow grease is needed in order to be able to do more jobs and to buy more different varieties of new materials for each job that you do. For this reason, go back to the map screen as often as possible and tap on the Magnolia headquarters in order to get your fill of elbow grease. Elbow grease collects faster depending on how many contractors you have, and storage increases each time that you unlock the next city.

Additionally, there are skill tiers that you can find in the Magnolia HQ. To upgrade one of the skill tiers (such as the Exterior Paint, Interior Paint, etc), build more items of the given style in that category (for example, French, Traditional, Modern, etc) until you make it to the next level. The more you build, the higher the skill level will go. Skill level will start at 1 for each and will increase from there.

If you don’t like the offer that you get initially from a buyer, turn them down and wait for another offer. Better to spend a few more minutes than to get shortchanged on the selling price. The game shows you a recommended price to look for, so generally, if you get an offer above that price, take it, although waiting for longer and turning down more offers, gives you a chance at netting a higher price in the end.