Hovercraft: Battle Arena – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Hovercraft: Battle Arena is a new 3 vs 3 multiplayer combat game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to make sure that your team collects more power orbs than the other team. You can do this in all kinds of diverse and destructive ways, teaming up with two other players to knock out three opposing players, while collecting coins, gems, blueprints, and upgrade parts. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hovercraft: Battle Arena!

You can collect all kinds of hovercraft by earning their blueprints through chests that you win through battle. The main benefit to them is cosmetic customization; they all have almost the same starting stats. Far more valuable are the upgrade parts, which allow you to increase all the stats of your hovercraft after they are already unlocked. Upgrade parts, combined with coins, can make you far more powerful.

Look for the pink-magenta glow sticking up above everything else, as that’s where the power orbs appear. Your main goal is to be the first to collect ten power orbs, and then to hold onto them for about thirty seconds to cement the win. Of course, you have to prevent the enemy from doing the same thing, which is best done by following them and shooting them until they blow up.

In addition to the power orbs, make sure to collect ammo, life, and speed-up boosts. Ammo will allow you to shoot your enemies, of course, while life boosts will increase your health back up to 100%. It will increase on its own if it’s low, as well, as long as you stay away from enemies for enough time. If you blow up, you lose power orbs and you take awhile to respawn.

When you first start off playing the game, your teammates and enemies will be bots with a bad AI, making it seem like you’re the dominant one on the game map. As you advance and earn trophies, though, the bots will gradually be phased out and replaced with real players, and the game will become far tougher. Real players will pursue you, shoot you, and babysit the power orb spawn point far more than the bots will.

Not only can you earn chests from winning matches (which take a lot of time to unlock), but you can earn chests in other ways as well. Free chests will spawn whenever the cool-down finishes. Victory chests will be collectible when you earn enough points to open them, which is done by winning enough games. Then it will open immediately; plus, it will contain rarer items.

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