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Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry is a new endless driving game by High Score Heroes. It’s organized a lot like a driving version of Crossy Road, from the graphics to all of the unlockable hovercraft. Your goal is to go as far as you can before crashing in the most drawn-out, destructive way possible, and collect coins so that you can get new hovercraft. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry!

You have to plan out your movements a little bit before you actually make them, usually. A short while after you begin your run, cars and trucks will start to appear in the street, and oftentimes they will continue popping right out of the street. Sometimes all of the lanes will be blocked at the same time, so you are going to have to find a small hole to squeeze through when they are.

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Of course, there is actually a way to turn harder. Tap and hold with two fingers on one side and there will be no delay – you will move almost instantaneously and quickly. Tap and hold with three fingers on one side to move instantly and rapidly.

You get a free gift of coins at various time intervals, which get longer and longer as you continue to collect free gifts. If you want to earn your gift right away, set the time ahead by however much time you have until you can unlock your next free gift, and then play one more round and lose. Then you will earn the free gift right away. Do this as many times as you want to get as many free gifts immediately as you want to.

You can also earn coins by watching free advertisement videos. If you want to earn coins quickly without screwing with the time on your phone, die quickly and then hit the button that says “get free coins” and a video will pop up. Once you are done watching it, you will earn 20 coins. Watch them every time the “free coins” link appears and build them up.

After you hit a car or a wall, usually your energy level won’t be totally empty. If you manage not to hit anyone after that first hit but before straightening yourself out, you’ll actually have an advantage because your new hovercraft will be thinner than your full-sized hovercraft was, allowing you to fit through smaller spaces than your full sized hovercraft otherwise could. That is, of course, unless you do a custom hovercraft and make it an extremely narrow design.