Hovercraft: Getaway – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Hovercraft: Getaway, or HC: Getaway for short, is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to get away from the cops for as long as you can, destroy their vehicles without getting yourself destroyed, and unlock all kinds of new weapons, hovercraft, and other goodies.

You can earn coins, gems, experience levels, and other boosts as you try to make that elusive five-star score on each level. Plus, you can upgrade your hovercraft, allowing you to be better able to shake off the cops and drones.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Hovercraft: Getaway!

The gameplay in this game is much like Smashy Road: Wanted, in that you have to shake the cops that are chasing you; only in this game, though, you get all kinds of guns, and the hovercraft is much harder to control due to no ground contact.

You have two forms of scoring in this game. Your first one is your number score, which increases at a steady rate for how long you last on the level. Your second is your kill score, which is also a multiplier. So if you kill 25 people and have a 25x, your score will increase 25 times faster.

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You’ll also see the stars at the top of the screen increase, but the stars are merely a reflection of your score. You’re at 1 star between 0 points and 2,000 points for example, then 2 stars between 2,000 points and 10,000 points. The star ratings don’t really mean much, they’re just a good way to keep track of how nice of a run you’re having.

Shooting the opposing hovercraft is the main way to knock them off, but there are other ways, too. Use the obstacles to your advantage, especially the smaller ones on the outskirts of the levels. Turn closely around them, luring opposing vehicles into crashing into them (or each other), and into getting blocked by obstacles so that they are off of your tail.

Use the speed boosts to your advantage. Tap both sides of the screen at the same time to speed boost. Your boost gauge will run out over time, but you can fill it back up again by collecting the green speed boost power-ups that fall randomly on the stage.

In addition to the speed boost power-ups, you also want to collect shield power-ups and smart bombs. Shield power-ups will refill your shield bar to 100%, no matter how much damage you had taken beforehand. The purple smart bomb power-ups will blow up everyone who is currently chasing you at the time.

There are a ton of different forms of currency that you can get in this game. Coins, of course, are the most basic one, and you can earn them not only from each run, but from watching an ad video. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and can mainly be earned by taking free offers.

The blue stars (experience points) can be used to open the blue chests, while the exceedingly rare Ultra Shards, a gold cube, can be used to open the Ultra Crate. A limited number of Ultra Shards can be earned per day, and they tend to be very tough to find within the levels themselves.

Coins are mainly used to do a direct upgrade to your hovercraft. If you do the upgrade, then both your shield and your weapons damage will increase. There is also the Gem Upgrade, which increases your armor plating significantly, as well as gives you a weapon damage multiplier. You also need Upgrade Parts and Blueprints, which come from chests, to do these ones.

Your Loadout is where you can equip new weapons. Try all sorts of different weapon combinations to figure out what is best. Your results may vary depending on your style of play and how far into levels you usually get.

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