How to Beat Baseball Boy! (updated)- Top Tips, Cheats, Hints, and Upgrades Guide

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Baseball Boy is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Voodoo, one that has quickly shot up to the top of the App Store and Google Play. Your goal is to hit home runs as far as possible, and that comes from earning money, upgrading your bat, and upgrading your strength, your speed, the bounciness of your ball, and your offline income. Read on for some tips and tricks for Baseball Boy!

The main part of aiming your hit is to try to get as close to the middle as possible. If you hit the ball right down the middle (the red zone) then it will go as far as you can hit it, plus you’ll hit it right down the middle of the street, where there are as few obstacles as possible to get in its way (except, annoyingly, for freeway signs in some sections of the city). Get the bonus down the middle and the ball will smash through cars, too.

Once you hit the ball, you can enhance the bounce three different times. You have to tap the screen right as the ball hits the ground in order to do a super bounce, and you can do this three times per hit. It’s easier to get the super bounce if you start rapid-tapping the screen as the ball approaches the ground. You will know it worked if you see a white trail coming off of the end of the ball.

Upgrading your bat will add to the base distance that you hit the ball. In addition, you’ll earn more money per meter that you hit the ball when you have a better bat. You can get new bats by hitting the ball for a specific number of meters. (I.E. 1,000, then 2,000, etc). More bats are being added constantly, so if you make it to the top bat, rest assured that a new one will come soon.

There are three main upgrades for your hits. Upgrading your strength will cause you to hit the ball higher and for the ball to fly farther. Upgrading your speed will make the ball fly faster off of your bat. These are the main two components to hitting far shots. The bounciness upgrade will cause the ball to bounce higher and farther off of your bat. Offline earnings will, of course, allow you to earn more money when you’re offline.

If you want to get rid of the annoying pop-up video ads, but still keep the double-earnings bonuses and the free upgrade bonuses, then buy the two-dollar ads-free upgrade. If you want to get rid of all of the ads at the same time and you don’t want to spend any money, then play the game without any internet connection, using either airplane mode or simply logging off of wifi and cellular connections.

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