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How to play Arcane Empires: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Arcane Empires! This is a long, in depth game that starts off confusing and gets clearer as the game goes along. You are a rebel fighter whose city has broken off from the imperial empire, and your mission is to not only fight them off, but fight off other players. You begin with a very small city with very few people, and as you complete missions and build up your empire, your small city can turn into a big city, or even into multiple cities. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Arcane Empires!

As soon as you start off the game, you’ll be thrown right into play mode with all kinds of missions to do. Luckily, you begin the game with beginner’s protection, meaning that other players can’t attack you, and you can’t attack them. This will give you a good 10 days to get your feet under you and start your empire off right.

There is a lot to do at first, but the main thing to know is that there are three views of the game, which can be toggled between by using the icon in the far lower left corner. The city view is where you can view all of the buildings that are inside the castle walls. This is where you can build almost all of the buildings in the game, such as the strategic ones.

The next view is the field view, which is where your farms and other resource-collecting buildings exist in order to collect resources. The third view is the map view, where you can see surrounding land, kingdoms and imperial forts. This is where you will go to conquer and attack territories, but don’t worry about that yet.

While the game might be confusing at first, going to the Missions tab in the bottom taskbar will really help. Keep completing Missions that you see in the tab, and you will get the hang of the game as you go. Your first missions, which are increasing resource production, are simple missions that get you into the field view, building more farms, sawmills, ironworks and crystal mines in order to start collecting all of the resources that you need. In addition, within the city view, you can build and upgrade your Homesteads, which increases your population (and increases your silver, since silver comes from the taxes paid by the people).

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