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How to play Ayakashi Ghost Guild (iOS + Android): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide!

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Ayakashi Ghost Guild for the iPhone and Android! Zynga’s new card battling game comes just in time for Halloween, as it has you playing a ghost agent whose job is to investigate situations that pop up, as well as to track a rogue ghost agent who is on an evil mission to cold-heartedly exterminate all ghosts. Read on for the Ayakashi Ghost Guild beginner’s guide!

The first mode that you will be introduced to is the Story Mode. The Story is divided by chapter, story, and story segment and you play one story at a time, with every three stories being organized into one chapter, and every three story segments being organized into a story. Each time you finish a story segment, you earn one Ability Point (more on what those do later), and each time you hit the Investigate button, you earn silver and experience points, while draining your health and moving the “Progress” bar towards 100% completion.

When you hit full completion on the progress bar, you’ll move onto the next story, and the storyline in general will continue, almost like an interactive novel. At the end of each chapter and story, you’ll face off against an angry ghost, usually one who thinks that you are going to exterminate them. Once you “cleanse” them by winning the battle, you will be able to negotiate with them.

You can either do a regular negotiation, which has a roughly 50/50 chance of convincing a ghost to become one of your Daemons, or you can use Cabal chains for a 100% chance at convincing the ghost to become one of your daemons. If a negotiation fails, you will meet that ghost later on at a random time in a story segment, battle them again, and get the chance to negotiate with them again.

When you go to the list of stories, each one will have a separate completion percentage that has nothing to do with the progress bar within each one. Each story segment has three types of Ghosts and one type of Sealstone that you can find within the chapter (they appear at random). Each one adds to the completion percentage of the story, and the completion percentage hits 100% when you find all three ghosts and one sealstone for every story segment. Do this for all three stories in a chapter to achieve 100% completion on a chapter, which will earn you a free Special Summon Ticket.

Your free COMPLETE guide to Ayakashi Ghost Guild for iOS and Android!