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How to play Big Win Football for iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Big Win Football for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! This game is the latest in the Big Win series by Hothead Games, and it comes out just in time for the real refs to get brought back into the NFL. Your goal is to participate in the bowl games against other players using your football team built out of a deck of cards (one card for each starter on the field) and, of course, to build the best deck of cards that you can so that you can be the best. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Big Win Football!

As far as games go, this one is pretty simple. First off, you have a deck of cards featuring both an offense and a defense that, for the most part, mimic the design of a real football team. You have three linebackers, four defensive backs, four defensive linemen, five offensive lineman, two wide recievers, a tight end, a running back, quarterback, fullback and a kicker. You can tap on the “My Team” button to manage your cards.

Once you’re in My Team, you can manage them in many different ways, such as switching players out with other players, changing the look of your players’ uniforms, or, when you have a Skill Boost card, adding a skill or a skill slot. Once you get skill boost cards, you can tell who they apply to by looking for a “!” icon next to the specific player’s name. When you have multiple players who are eligible for one skill boost card, it’s recommended to give it to the player who is more likely to have a hand in a large number of plays, such as the quarterback or the running back.

Now that that’s done, you can engage in the various play modes of the game. The three modes of play are Quick Play, Daily Big Bowl and Friends Bowl The Quick Play mode allows you to play one game against a computer controlled opponent, and while you gain coins and fans (this game’s version of experience points) when you win or lose, wins or losses don’t really count for anything aside from personal knowledge.

The complete guide to Big Win Football!