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How to play Big Win Soccer: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the beginner’s guide to Big Win Soccer. Click here to return to part 1 of the Big Win Soccer beginner’s guide.

You have three outcomes that are possible for each match: win, lose or draw. If you win, you will earn 100 fans and 100 coins. If you lose, you earn 10 fans and 50 coins. If you draw, you will earn 50 fans and 75 coins. To win, you need to have the better cards with higher ratings, and to play more/better booster cards than your opponent. You also earn extra fans and coins for accomplishing certain feats in a game, such as scoring 2 goals or 3 goals.

Booster cards are cards that give your team a certain advantage, such as a higher likelihood of scoring from a corner kick, better passing and shooting, or even a guarantee of no injuries when you play.

Injuries can happen to your players after a random match, and will drop their rating in half until you spend 100 coins to heal them up. Often, a player’s contract will also run out, which will drop their playing score the same way. In order to fix this, you need to have a contract card, which you can randomly get from the card packs.

In the card pack store, you can buy anything from starter cards to premium cards, depending on how much you are willing to pay. Cards will come in four ranks – bronze, silver, gold and platinum, and your card types will range from players cards to booster cards, contract cards and stat cards.

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Contract cards and stat cards come in handy when you are in the My Team. Here you can use contract cards to resign a player whose contract has expired, heal injured players, substitute one player for another if you have the extra cards to do so, and use stat cards to increase a particular statistic on applicable players, A player will have an exclamation mark next to their head when there is something that can be done with them (stat boost, contract, or heal an injury). You can also use uniform cards to change the color of your team’s uniform here.

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