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How to play Car Town Streets for iOS, part 3: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 3 of the Car Town Streets beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Besides getting cars from the search and rescue at Rusty’s Garage, there are two other ways to get cars. One of them is to look through your own city and find a pile of scrap metal on the street. This is a Treasure Car, and once you tap it, you can pay coins to place it in your garage, and then restore it as a build. The other is to go to the shop and buy cars, but this costs Bucks to do, meaning that unless you want to spend real money, this option isn’t available.

To build your offense and defense teams for racing, click on the Grand Prix logo, click through the notifications, and then when you hit the trophy choice screen, hit the back button and you’ll be able to select which team to build. Your team can be built based on what your maximum amount of offense gas or defense gas is – your team’s combined gas used per race can’t exceed the maximum. Once you race your team will lose an amount of offense gas equal to the combined gas used by your offensive team, and if someone else races you, your team will lose an amount of defense gas equal to the amount of combined gas used by your defense team.

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Your race results are based not upon your combined “points” or who finishes first, but who finishes with the highest amount of race points. Each position, 1 through 12, earns a specific number of race points, so even if you don’t get the first place spot, if you take a number of higher spots, then you can still win. So make sure that your cars are as small and as powerful as you can get them.

You can race for trophies, and once you earn all six trophies in one collection, you can trade them for a car; it will usually be a highly rare or even legendary car. These are some of the most powerful cars you can get, and they will only make your racing team that much better.

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