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How to play Castle Story for iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Castle Story for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch! Castle Story is a game that will appeal to fans of CastleVille and of kingdom building games in general. You play as a young royal who is trying to rebuild your kingdom, expand and grow it, and fight off critters who threaten to impede your progress as a king and as a leader. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Castle Story!

This is, when you take away all of the royal storylines, a city building game in drag, meaning that your job is to place a good balance of buildings, decorations, and animals, and in doing this, expand your influence and your kingdom. There are three forms of currency that you should know about going into this game. One of them is coins, the main currency of the game, which are easily earned, and which you can buy most of the items in this game with.

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You also have gems, which are the premium currency of the game. For the most part, if you want gems, you have to buy them with real money, as they are this game’s “freemium” element, although there are a few ways to earn free gems in the game. These can be spent on speeding up construction on buildings, as well as buying more energy and coins, and premium items.

Energy is required in order to do almost any action in this game. You can buy from the store without using energy, but you have to use energy in order to complete buildings or to collect from them, or to feed animals. Energy regenerates with time, although when you gain a level, you will regenerate your maximum amount of energy. Royal points are a ranking of how “royal” your kingdom has become, and they are necessary to have in order to expand your kingdom.

The first thing to know is the notebook button in the upper left corner of the main game screen. This is the “quest” button, and it’s important because quests teach you the ropes in this game. If you wanted to, you could play the entire game in a linear fashion just by completing the quests.

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