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How to play Fishing Superstars for iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Fishing Superstars for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! This Gamevil game is one of the top fishing games on mobile platforms right now. This game puts you into the role of a fisherwoman, and your task is simply to fish in multiple rivers and lakes, unlocking more as you go on, upgrading yourself and your equipment as you go. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Fishing Superstars!

Fishing is an endeavor that is easy to learn but hard to master. The first step is to cast your line, which is done by “casting” the iPhone as if it were a fishing rod, although it can be done just by flicking your wrist, not by launching your whole arm. The harder you flick it, the farther the hook goes. You’ll see multiple water circles on the water, which represent fish swimming, so the closer you land to the water circles, the better your grade on the cast – anywhere from Good to Excellent to Perfect.

The next step is, after you get a bite (you can tell because the lure will be sucked into the water) flick your wrist backward, in the opposite direction of your casting motion. After that, a reel will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can reel either clockwise or counter-clockwise, but you have to reel it in the direction that you begin turning it in. Reeling it in will, of course, decrease the distance between the fish and your boat, but tension on the line will increase.

The second bar from the top represents the tension on the line (the first bar represents how much energy the fish has left). When the bar fills, the line will snap, but if the bar empties, the hook will loosen and the fish will get away. If the tension gets too high, either let go of the reel, start swiping the rod from side to side, or both to loosen the line.

An indicator by the fish will be your guide for what to do next. When it turns green, reel it in. When it turns red, start swiping the rod from side to side to loosen it up, or just hold the lure if there is not much tension yet. When it turns purple, the fish is stuck, so simply hold the lure still. Follow the indicators successfully to decrease the fish’s life energy and reel it in successfully.

The complete guide to Fishing Superstars!