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How to play Fun Run for iOS: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Fun Run for the iPhone and other iOS devices! Fun Run is what Mario Kart would have looked like if it was invented in the era of iPhone endless running games. It’s an auto running game between 4 people (online, of course), who use power ups, hit each other with all kinds of attacks, and try to finish in first place in order to get coins, rankings and bragging rights. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Fun Run!

The main premise of the game is that each level is a race between four people, all of whom are actually controlled by people who are playing the game on their iPhones and iPads online, you being one of them of course. This is done in the quick game mode. When you press the play button, the quick game mode is one of the three modes you can select.

Once you get to the quick game mode, the first thing that you will do is to vote on a stage (out of two stages) on the left side of the screen. The stage that more people pick is the one that will be played. If there is a tie, then the game will pick a random stage. After that, the race starts.

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Once the race starts, you will automatically begin running, and you will have two buttons that you can press. One of these is the jump button, which looks like an up arrow. The other is the power up button, on the lower left side of the screen. Run through any of the Mario-esque question mark boxes in order to pick up a new power up. Power ups can either attack another player, or help you out.

There are eight power ups that you can get. The V-shaped sawblade will behead your opponents, while the magnet will pull your opponents backwards. Lightning will shock your opponents, thus slowing them down. The paw will give you a speed boost. The sawblade will allow you to throw a sawblade, but be careful, because if the sawblade bounces back, it can hit you too unless you jump over it.

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