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How to play Injustice: Gods Among Us for iOS and Android, part 2: FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Back in part 1 of the Injustice beginner’s guide, you learned the bare basics of special attacks. But continuing on, when you tap the special attack button, you will be prompted to either aim the attack, tap on the screen rapidly, or something else to power up the attack. If you tap or aim perfectly, you can give the attack 200% of its normal power. The same holds true for all three tiers of special attacks.

At the end of each fight, you will receive power credits, which are the only form of currency in the game, as well as experience points, which will power up your cards. When your character’s experience meter fills up, they’ll gain a level, increasing both their attack power and their life. If you finish out an entire round of fights you’ll receive a much higher power credit bonus, somewhere in the thousands, and increasing as the battles become more difficult. You can also buy power credits using real life money through the app store.

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Cards are organized into three tiers. Your beginning players are the bronze cards, while silver cards are more expensive but more powerful, and gold cards are the most expensive and rare but the most powerful as well.You can buy more cards in the card store through either a booster pack or by choosing the character directly. If you buy the booster pack, you pay less but the character that you get is randomized. However, you’ll also get support cards as a bonus.

Support cards are cards that can provide a statistical boost to a specific card, and they can be bought on their own as well, and then applied to a character. Some support cards are actually useable with any card that you have, although these tend to have smaller effects on your character and are generally way more expensive.

The way to add support cards is to go to any screen where you can see all three of your cards (for example, the battle briefing screen after you choose a battle but before you actually enter it) and tap one of your cards. Here you can apply support cards and see your card’s statistics, as well as upgrade all three of your character’s special moves. Here, you can also see any special abilities or affinities with other characters that you card may have. These will add bonuses such as boosting life or attack power the entire team, or regaining life points if the opponent switches out the character.

More on this and other things in part 3 of the Injustice beginner’s guide.


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