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How to play Lord of the Dragons for iOS (part 2): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Lord of the Dragons beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

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You can also earn cards in the middle of battle when you beat a boss (or another various enemy character that you come across in the game). You can either use the Royal Seal, which will guarantee that you “catch” the card that you have just beaten, or you can try your luck, which gives you about a 50/50 shot that you will acquire the card (more or less of a chance depending on the card’s rarity). In addition, you’ll often also earn bonus items such as a Stamina Potion or Energy Potion from beating one of the bosses.

Unlike in many other card battle games, there is no limit to the size of your deck. Your deck can be as large as you want it to be. You have two decks, an attack deck and a defense deck, and you choose whether each card that you get goes into one deck or the other. Once you choose it, it can’t be changed, so choose wisely.

There is also no system of “combining” cards or “enhancing” cards by sacrificing one card for the other. Instead, your method of enhancing your cards is by equipping them with weapons and armor. Weapons includes axes, swords, bows and wands, and armor includes helmets, shields and body armor. Each troop can equip one weapon, one body armor, one helmet and one shield, so while you will be spending a LOT of coins to equip your troops, you can greatly increase attack and defense power this way. The higher your level, the better the weapons and armor that you can buy.

The “battle” portion of the game is where you get to fight other players, with the winner of the battles being the one who has the best combination of attack and defense. If you win, you gain coins and experience points, and if you kill the other player, you earn collection pieces. If you get six pieces of the same collection, you can trade them in for a prize by going to the Menu button and hitting “Inventory (collections)”, such as an Energy Potion or a large amount of coins, or even a premium weapon.

Killing the other player also gives you the opportunity to rob them. If you rob them, you’ll earn a LOT of coins and possibly even some treasure as a reward. However, you will then be marked on their guild’s kill list, and anyone from their guild who kills you will be rewarded with a bounty of 4 Secret Box tokens. Likewise, if you kill anyone on your guild’s kill list, you’ll earn this four-token bounty.

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