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How to play Lord of the Dragons for iOS (part 3): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 3 of the Lord of the Dragons beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

The main point of guilds is to fight group battles, to avenge each other’s deaths (in exchange for tokens as rewards), to send each other tokens as gifts, and to rank up. You can go to another person’s profile and if they are either your friend or a guild member, you can tap “send gift” to send them tokens, which will prompt them to send you tokens back in return. Always make sure to send a return gift when people send you tokens, as well. You can join or leave new guilds at any point in time, but you can only be a member of or a leader of only one guild at a time.

Lastly, one final way of earning prizes is to send out fairies to go exploring for you. You can choose to send them out to different locations which will take different amounts of time, but when they come back they will have better prizes for you if they were out there longer. Prizes vary from coins to special items and even rare warriors, especially if you bought the Azure fairy using gold.

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With Fairies and with the Secret Box, each time that you put one to use, a “bonus bar” will fill up, with a different bonus bar per fairy or per box filling up. Once you fill the bonus box to 100 percent, you’ll earn special rewards depending on what the bar is for. For example, the normal secret box’s bonus bar will earn you gifts equivalent to that of a rare secret box, but a rare secret box’s bonus bar, if you can earn enough Gold Keys to open it enough to fill it up, will ALWAYS earn you a super rare card.

Your best bets for earning rare cards and gold box keys are to do the limited-time campaigns and to claim the sign-in bonuses daily. Hit either the News button or the Menu button (with the latter, hit the Campaigns button after) to see what all of the special events that are going on are. There’s always events going on that are designed to reward players with rarities.

And finally, your friends list can have up to 99 friends. You can add friends using their 9-digit code (for example 123-456-789) which is found in the profile of anyone you find. For example, tap someone’s name in the battle menu to see their code, which will let you invite them as a friend or to your guild.

And for a more detailed Q&A about the game, go to the “Q&A” section under Menu, and then Other, and you will be able to find answers to any question that aren’t given here. Enjoy Lord of the Dragons!