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How to play MLB Full Deck for iOS (part 2): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the walkthrough to MLB Full Deck! Click here to go back to part 1 of the MLB Full Deck beginner’s guide!

Versus mode is your chance to play against other players, and your chance to earn collection pieces. If you complete a collection of 6 pieces of baseball memorabilia, you will earn a prize such as a rare card. You can hit the “select collectable” button to filter other players by what collectables they have, that you want to get. If you win, then you get that collectable and earn a coin prize, but if you lose, then you lose coins.

The versus games play much like the season games, except that you can’t edit your roster in the middle of the game. Each time that you play a versus game, each participating player loses 1 out of 3 maximum stamina points, which they then regain over time. If they run out of all three, you either have to wait for them to get their stamina back before you play versus mode again, or swap other players in for versus mode play.

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Go to “manage roster” either from your main menu or in the middle of season play, and you can edit your roster. You can either autofill the roster or edit it yourself. Editing it yourself is preferred because autofill doesn’t always put your strongest players into your starting lineup. On the menu on the left, you can see the overall average score of your current starters, your pitching rotation and your batting lineup, or you can tap the position buttons (I.E. catcher or first baseman) in order to see both your starts and your backups.

Your goal in arranging your lineup is to have the highest overall team score. In both game modes, the team with the higher average score is the team that will win most of the time. You can also tab over to “Sell players” to sell some of the ones that you don’t need, in order to earn more coins (which are the primary currency of the game).

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