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How to play Montopia for iOS and Android: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide for the Zynga card battling game, Montopia! This new game for the Android OS and the iPhone OS (that’s right, unlike most Zynga games, it’s not on Facebook….. yet) takes you into a world of islands, monsters, and constant battles. Your goal is to catch all of the monsters in the game (and yes, there are a LOT of them), get the best, most powerful monster formation as you can, and do battle with the rest of the world. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Montopia by Zynga!

When you first start out, the game takes you through a rather extensive tutorial. You start off in exploration mode first, where you see your character on the screen, adn by pressing the explore button, you get to see him or her (depending on who you picked to start the game) walk, then stop and, with each step, collect coins and experience points. Coins are the primary frequency in this game, while experience points that you collect in this game (not the ones that your monsters collect) lead you to a level-up, which earns you ability points.

Also, when you are walking during the exploration mode, you’ll often encounter a treasure chest, which usually contains a new monster card for you to add to your collection. Oftentimes, treasures will also include artifacts, which, if you complete an entire collection of them, will earn you a rare monster.

You earn three ability points each time that you gain a level, each time that you add a crewmate, and one each time that you finish off one level in the explore areas. Ability points can be assigned to either go to your health, your attack spirit or your defense spirit. Simply go to the Home menu, tap on the icon in the upper left corner that looks like 3 little icons put together, and then you’ll either be able to assign the ability points by yourself, or have the game assign them automatically. If the game assigns them automatically, they will be split evenly between health, attack points and defense points.

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