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How to play Motor World Car Factory for iOS (part 2): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Motor World Car Factory beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

When you begin the game, the maximum amount of cars that can be in your dealership at the same time is 4. However, scroll over to the right of the dealership, and you will have space to buy new buildings. Two of your building options are, of course, extra dealerships; however, most of your choices are buildings that earn you coins just for sitting there. Your workers who build your cars will build your buildings, as well. Just make sure that they have enough donuts in order to build them!

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Donuts are useful both for feeding a worker when they are exhausted (when they are lying on the ground kicking like a little baby with a donut icon over their head), and for upgrading a worker. To upgrade a worker, either tap on the worker of choice or click on the Action > Employees menus and tap your worker of choice from the list, and click “feed”. You can then feed them until they level up and their stats improve. A worker’s stats consist of quality (the quality of the cars that they build), wp/minute (how quickly they build cars), speed (how fast they move from station to station) and stamina (how many WP they can use without needing a donut). Using an item, which can be bought using the premium currency of the game, Cash, can give that worker a very large temporary boost in all stats.

You can upgrade not just workers, but buildings, cars and the factory as well. To do that, tap on either the upgrade button of a building, or the “research” button under Action > Lab. Either way, the Car tab lets you unlock new technologies on cars (which allow you to unlock different types of cars that you wouldn’t normally be able to build otherwise), the Factory tab lets you improve the efficiency of the build process in your factory, and the Shop tab lets you unlock new options for the cars, more efficient selling of cars, or general upgrades across all buildings.

Any time that you have a shop that earns you money on a time basis, you can “hire” your Facebook friends by tapping the shop and clicking on “Recruit”. Each different “job” that they can fill gives you an upgrade for that building, such as more coins, more experience, or faster collection time.

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