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How to play Ocean Tower for iPhone and Android: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Ocean Tower for the iPhone and Android platforms! Ocean Tower is a tower building strategy game that allows you to run a huge skyscraper loaded with apartments and businesses, and build it up to unbelievable heights, plus send it down as far into the sea as you want – you can build underground or overground! Your businesses need power plants to run, and to build power plants, you need money, but to get money, you need businesses. Find out what it all means – read on!

Ocean Tower is a relatively simple game – at least at first glance. All you do is build business, and sit back and watch the money come in, right? Well, it’s kind of just like that, but it’s kind of not, as well.

Unlike other games in which you build both businesses and residences, this game is strictly business. However, apartments will pop up within range of each business that you build. First, go to the construction menu (the little icon in the lower left hand corner with the bricks). Pick a business to build, and then when you select the location, pay attention to the two boxes that encompass squares of floor space inside the tower. The dark blue box is the actual location of the business, while the bigger light blue box is the area that the business will effect (I.E. turn into apartments, or turn apartments into nicer apartments and earn you more money).

You have five different types of business you can build. The first two that you unlock during the tutorial are Shopping and Food. After you build more floors, you can unlock 3 other types of businesses, which I won’t spoil for you. The more different types of businesses have the same group of apartments locked into their “area of influence”, the more money you will make, but building two of the same kind of business (E.G. two different food businesses, which are still the same type of business) too close together, to where they encroach on each other’s “area of influence” will actually cause your hourly income to drop.

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