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How to play Pocket Planes: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Pocket Planes beginner’s guide. Click here to go back to part 1 or click here for part 3.

Aircraft Information Screen

The aircraft information screen lets you see all kinds of details on the aircraft, from its capacities to how many miles have been flown. Painting an aircraft is free, and you can paint it almost any color combination you want. You can change the name of the aircraft by tapping on the name in the upper right corner of the stats box. Upgrading your aircraft, however, costs you Bux (more on those later). Upgrading your fuel tanks will increase the range that your aircraft can fly, upgrading the engine will increase the speed at which it flies, while upgrading the carbon fiber will decrease fuel consumption by dropping weight from the aircraft, allowing you to save money and earn a higher profit on every flight.

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Currencies and experience points

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Bux are the premium currency of the game, and are represented by the little 8-bit dollar sign icon. Coins are the normal currency, and are used mainly for doing jobs and buying new airports (as well as upgrading old airports), but mainly for anything that Bux don’t buy.

Experience points are earned by shuttling passengers around; 1 for every coin earned, and 500 for every Bux earned. Click on Menu, and then on Stats to see how many experience points you have until the next level up, or simply look at the green bar next to your level. Each time you gain an experience level, you get three free Bux and the ability to get a new different type of aircraft, as well as the ability to buy one more airport.

Getting Airports and Airplanes

To buy an airport that you don’t already have, tap on a new city, and the game will offer to sell you an airport for a certain amount of coins. The price depends on the population, which will appear in a number below the airport reading anything from “0.0M” to “10.0M”. Generally, airports with a higher population tend to have more available jobs to choose from after you land a plane there. After you buy a new airport, not only will jobs to and from that airport appear, but you will also earn one free airplane part.


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