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How to play Smash Cops Heat for iOS (part 3): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 3 of the Smash Cops Heat beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

In many of the pursuit stages, other police cruisers will be chasing the suspects as well. They mostly just get in your way, but you have to be careful not to destroy them, or else you will lose a star. If you hit a cop too hard, you’ll send them flying into the air for a “Cop Smash”, which is fun to do but isn’t exactly good for your star score.

Earn enough stars, and you’ll increase rank and unlock new levels. In addition, you can unlock new cars by earning more stars. Go to the Garage area to see all of the new cars that you can eventually get by collecting enough stars.

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In each stage, you can collect three donut pieces. Put three donut pieces together to make a donut. The donut piece locations are fairly straightforward, as they won’t be too far off of the beaten path that you take in order to complete the stage. For example, in a pursuit or emergency stage, they will usually be in a parking lot that you drive through, or in one side of a 4 way intersection that you drive through. In challenge stages, they are very easy to find, since those stages are linear.

What do donuts do, you might ask? Well, if you get 25 donuts (which is one donut per stage for all 25 stages in the game), then you can unlock a special car, the Reaper, in the garage. Another car that you can’t get with stars is the Hornet, which you can rent for five missions for 99 cents of real money.

Go to the store area, and you can buy all sorts of goodies with real money (since there is no alternate currency in the game). In addition to Super Cop and Instaram, you can buy new decals for your cars, a donut radar that helps you find more donut pieces, and you can get free Super Cops by connecting the game to Facebook and Twitter.

That’s about it for Smash Cops Heat! Enjoy the game!