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How to play Zombie Tsunami for iOS (part 2): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Zombie Tsunami beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

There are three missions for you to complete each time that you play. Each time that you complete a mission, a new mission will replace it after the game is finished. Each time that you complete three missions, you’ll complete a new “zombie drink”, such as juice with human teeth in it or something similarly gross, but all that the drink really does is earn you a coins bonus. Your first bonus is worth 200 coins, your next is worth 500 coins, and so on, with the bonus increasing each time that you complete a drink.

Each time that you earn 100 brains, you will be able to unlock a lottery scratcher. You can sell the scratcher to earn a couple hundred coins as a bonus, or you can scratch off both sides of the scratcher. You have a chance at earning absolutely nothing, but you also have a chance at earning either power ups, new backgrounds, or even bonuses worth either hundreds, or thousands of coins. Scratchers can also be purchases in the store.

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Among the other things that can be purchased in the store with coins are upgrades, accessories and objects. Upgrades are permanent power ups that either start you off with more zombies at the beginning of a stage, or add to the powers of the power ups that you find in each stage. Accessories will change the look of your zombies by equipping them with various hats, but they have no practical use. Objects are one-time-use power ups, or different backgrounds that you can unlock.

The last tab in the market allows you to spend real money through the Apple App Store in order to buy various permanent power ups. You can either buy the permanent coin doubler for two dollars, or you can buy various packages of coins for different amounts of money. The more money that you spend, the more coins you can get in the game.

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