How to win at Fortnite (mobile) – Get Invites, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Fortnite for mobile is the iOS and Android adaptation of Fortnite: Battle Royale and its even crazier Blitz mode sibling. Currently, the game is invite-only, although it will roll out to the public soon, and even without an invite, it can be downloaded. You get dropped on an island with 100 other players and your goal is to survive, kill, and fortify in order to protect yourself. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fortnite for the iOS and Android platforms!

Just like with all of the other battle arena games, at the outset your goal should be to survive and avoid so that you don’t get killed by other players right out of the gate. Let some players off each other and themselves first, and then when the player count is whittled down, start engaging in the action. The exception is if you end up with a good sniper or assault rifle, then you can pick some players off from afar while they attack each other or search around for equipment.

You can play the game in regular mode or in blitz mode. In blitz mode, the game goes a lot faster because there is more epic and legendary equipment hanging around, all of the action is faster, and games usually last a far shorter time than they do in the regular mode. So if you don’t have a whole lot of time, go to blitz mode.

You can use your pickaxe to mine just about anything for materials, and everything is breakable in this game. You want to get rid of a house, an electrical A-frame, or an entire forest? You can do so, and you’ll earn materials for it. You can use said materials to build your fortifications and walls so that you can protect yourself.

Make smart use of your walls and fortresses. Be aware that while they may protect you, they also give other players an indication of a place that you’ve been in that area, so they can even be used as a lure to try to draw other players to a specific location. Or if you make an area where you can’t be seen very well, you can hide and fire at other players at will as you see them.

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock all of the challenges in this game. The challenges can earn yo uexperience points, coins, and all sorts of other loot and clothing. If you don’t want to, and you just care about the shooting, then instead play a number of matches for a free pass, and then keep playing more of them to keep upgrading your tier.