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Human Age – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Human Age is a new match-three puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. When you match three in a row, you’ll upgrade your matched trio of identical characters to the next age, and your goal is to get to the highest age possible. You can earn coins and other currencies to purchase specific characters inside of the game, level up to increase your available squares, and make gradual progress each time that you play a round. Read on for some tips and tricks for Human Age!

When you’re swiping around, you’ll see what squares the next character will appear on because they will appear lightly. Early on, the characters will be all cavemen, but as you move further on into the game, your newer-age characters will appear randomly on the board too, allowing you to merge them more quickly for faster new ages.

You’ll earn coins and other forms of currency as you go. You can only earn a maximum of 400 coins, but when you earn them, you can go to your city and spend them on new buildings, which will hold other types of currency. The other types of currency will allow you to purchase new characters on the “need help?” page whenever you need to.

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If you get totally blocked off and you run out of combinations, then your run will be over for the time being. Put this off as long as possible by merging like characters as quickly as possible, and by strategically blocking off squares where the new characters are scheduled to appear after the next move. In general, try to block off the cavemen as frequently as possible as they’ll simply bog you down if you have too many of them.

When you get in a pickle, you can watch an advertisement video in order to take one character off the board. Go to the “Need Help” screen for the option to do that, but be aware that you’ll need an internet connection in order to do so. Other options will be to purchase specific characters in exchange for one of the many currencies that you earn throughout the game.

Early on in the game, though, when you get an Egyptian or a Roman, move the screen around and let the game populate your board with cavemen. Do this until your pop-up characters start progressing. As long as it’s still cavemen exclusively, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of automatic combos that will make it easier to score high and get to the next set.