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Human Cannonball: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Human Cannonball is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you, the human cannonball, shoot yourself to as many platforms as possible. Each platform makes for one single point, and you can keep going for as long as you want, at least until the inevitable fall that you will take. You can collect coins along the way to buy all kinds of new goodies, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Human Cannonball!

Pay attention to the angle that your cannon is at before you fire, because this will have a pretty large effect on how long you need to charge the cannon for. The farther up the cannon faces, generally, the longer you will need to charge it for.

If you want to earn more coins, there’s a faster way to do it than just collecting them from the platforms. Sometimes, after a game, a gold button will appear saying that you can earn 20 coins by watching a video. Watch the advertisement video, which averages usually about thirty seconds long, and you will then earn coins as a reward when the video is done. Die faster to make this button come up more often, since it’s random after death.

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Once you get coins and you want to buy stuff, keep in mind that all of the cosmetic stuff does nothing for you, except making you look cooler. If you want to buy a power up that does something, go for the aim helper or the parachute. The aim helper will show you the exact flight trajectory. The parachute will stop you immediately over a platform in case you overshoot it.

You can also earn these items without spending any money, in-game or real. Go to the in game store and under the item that you want, click the little trophy icon underneath it and it will tell you what achievement to unlock in order to earn the power up for free. After you buy or earn the cannon and parachute upgrades, they are yours forever – they are not limited time power-ups.

One of the achievements involves landing on your feet. Tilt the phone forwards and backwards to control the roll of your character. If you have him tilted just the right way before landing, he can land on his feet. But he will have to be upright, or mostly upright, in order for that to happen.