Human Runner 3D: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Human Runner 3D is Voodoo’s new competitive running game for the iOS and Android platforms. This is easily the clumsiest runner ever – you’re going to fall a million times, but then again, so is everyone else.

Your goal is to get to the finish before everyone else a total of four times. The last-place runner is knocked off in each race, so all you have to do is survive.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Human Runner 3D!

The main rule of thumb is to watch out for anything red and collect anything yellow. You can run on top of anything red that’s on the ground, but watch out as it always has the potential to get in your way. So time everything and don’t get hit by anything.

All of the yellow surfaces give you points as you run through them. Right now, there is no store to spend it in, but once a store appears, you’ll be able to purchase stuff using the gold that you collect by running through these surfaces.

Before a level begins, tap the boost button and an ad video will start. When the video ends, you’ll run faster, plus all of the red surfaces will turn black, meaning that they won’t be dangerous to you anymore. They will stop moving as soon as you touch them.

When you hold down on the screen, you run, and when you let off of the screen, you stop. You want to be running as much as possible, but at certain points, you’re going to need to stop in order to avoid hitting an obstacle that’s about to pop up right in your path.

Right now, there are only two body types that you can unlock, and both of them perform the same. Voodoo adds stuff to the game to unlock in the future, though, so keep on the lookout for more runners to unlock, especially hidden ones.

Run over the boost strips every time that you pass them. If you miss them, other players have a chance to hit them and vault past you. Hit them, and even if another player hits them, you will at least keep pace, and potentially forge ahead when they hit an obstacle.

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