The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run is a new endless running game for the iOS and Android platforms, that’s based upon the new movie that’s based upon the book. You play as Katniss Everdeen, and your goal is to run through Panem and the various districts, avoiding the tracker jackers, collecting sparks and materials, and crafting so that you can upgrade your power ups. You can even play multiplayer games with others via Facebook, a la Running With Friends. Read on for some tips and tricks for Panem Run!

Coins are mainly determined by the distance you run in this game. The farther you run, the more coins that you collect. Sparks collected also help to determine the amount of coins you earn at the end of the round, but distance is most of it.

If you still are not earning coins quickly enough, check out all of the videos under the “Free coins” menu. You’ll earn around 100 coins per video, and there are plenty of videos to watch. If you run out of videos, then just come back around 15 minutes later or so, and you should find more videos to watch.

The game promises that you can run through all of the districts, but right now, districts 4, 5, and 12 are the only ones in the game. Expect more districts with future updates to the game. For now, though, each district has different materials that you can collect, both by collecting material icons and by sliding into breakable objects. Breakable objects include things such as boxes, pallets and barrels.

The quicker that you shoot the targets in the archery round, the more points that you will earn for them. You can either tap or swipe in the direction of the target in order to shoot it. Tapping works fine early on, but the farther you run, the faster you go, and when this time comes, swiping will be far more effective than tapping.

Stages tend to get very confusing very quickly due to all of the twists and turns. Always be scanning down the road so that you don’t get thrown off by a sudden turn, because they can ruin a perfectly good run very quickly. Usually, you’ll find that you don’t have to make as many moves as you think you do in order to stay on the right path.