Hungry Dragon – Tips, Cheats, Dragon-Unlocking, Coins and Gems, High Scores, and Strategy Guide

Hungry Dragon is Ubisoft’s new iOS and Android spinoff of the Hungry Shark series, except instead of eating sea creatures you eat birds, people, sheep, witches, and other dragons. You can fly around, go for the highest score possible, level up, upgrade your dragon, and even unlock new dragons, as well as pets for your dragons using eggs or golden fragments. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hungry Dragon!

Who to eat and what to eat
You can eat larger and smaller creatures from the get go, and who you should target depends on how much life you have left. If you’re short on life, go after larger creatures such as sheep and people because they give you large amounts of life. Otherwise, target flocks of birds to get sky-high point totals and level up your dragon quickly.

Unlocks and Upgrades
You can unlock the next-size dragon by max-leveling your current dragon. Keep a stash of coins handy so that you can buy the new dragon immediately. Between unlocks, spend your coins on costumes for your dragon, each of which provides as different boost. Some increase the food or experience that you earn, while others will protect you against attacks such as poison or fire from another dragon.

Pets and Eggs
Pets also provide a boost to your dragon. To find these, look around for eggs in the levels. They’ll always be on the ground, so scan the ground and pick up eggs when you see them. Then it takes awhile to incubate the egg, but you can boost it by watching advertisement videos. When the egg hatches, you’ll have that pet available, and just like with a costume, a pet will provide your dragon a boost.

Missions and Maps
The quickest way to earn more coins is to complete missions. You can either skip them using a video ad or complete them, and when you complete them, you can speed up the coming of the next one with a video ad. Otherwise, it takes about fifteen minutes for the next one to surface. You can watch a video to unlock the mini-map, as well, for four hours, so that you can see every facet of the stage and the locations of all of the bonuses.

In-Stage Bonuses and Rare Creatures
Keep on the lookout for all sorts of bonuses to appear throughout the level. The flying pig will give you a free gem if you eat it. Pots of gold will give you loads of coins. Letters will give you free bonuses when you complete the word “Hungry”. Eggs, of course, will give you pets. And treasure chests will give you huge gold coin bonuses when you unlock them. Gold people and animals will give you massive amounts of points (they usually appear when you do a Fire Rush).

Fire Rush
Eat massive amounts of enemies in a short amount of time to fill the bar. Small flocks of birds make it easiest to build up the bar. Once you unlock Fire Rush, then you’ll have fire shooting out of your mouth for awhile, so you can speed-burn people and creatures and use an endless boost. Each Fire Rush fills the Mega Fire Rush meter, which lasts for well over a minute and allows you to shoot blue flames and torch everything in sight. Starting with the small dragon tier, too, you’ll turn creatures gold when you get the Fire Rush boost.