Hunter Island – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Hunter Island used to be a pay-to-play game for the iOS platform, but as of April 2014 it has become a free to play game. It’s a bit like Pokemon with the graphics of Shining Force, and is one of the few RPGs on the App Store (aside from Square’s 16-bit RPG zombies) where you can actually explore the surrounding world. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hunter Island!

-There are four total elements for your Arkadions. Air is strong against water, water is strong against fire, fire is strong against earth and earth is strong against air. Change your team around to reflect this configuration as needed.
-To change your team, go to the management menu, pick a card, and then start hitting the left and right arrows to move the card to the left or right. The cards farthest to the left will be the ones that are used in your battle party.

-Want to use more Arkadions in your party? You’ll need better ocarinas, so you will have to grind in battle to earn enough silver to buy better ocarinas. The higher the monster rating of an ocarina, the more monsters that it will allow you to have in the party.

-Go around between the various cities without having to deal with random battles by clicking on the icon in any city that looks like a point on the map. From there you can pick anywhere that you have previously been to.

-Tap on any building that has an exclamation mark to see the quests that you have to complete for the game, and tap the icon that looks like a WiFi button to see all of the quests that you have previously been given. There are TONS of sidequests.
-Sidequests, while optional, are generally recommended, because they can give you awesome rewards such as more musical scrolls, more silver, and even more gold.

-Explore around, and be sure to leave the main trail rather than just sticking to it the whole time. Not only will you find different Arkadions in the grass, forest, etc, than you will on the main trail, but you can find “hidden” or optional areas and people to talk to as well.
-Make sure to go into the bar at any town that you visit for tips, tricks, and information about local hazards from the townspeople.

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