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Hustle Castle – The Expert’s Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Hustle Castle is a new castle-building game and RPG for the iOS and Android platform. You can build a good collection of characters in this game, train them and equip them, and then put them into battle in missions and quests and against other players. You can collect coins, food, and gems, and build up and equip your characters to turn them into the strongest fighters and resource-producers possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hustle Castle!

A character’s fighting ability is almost entirely due to the equipment that you give them. They get both stat boosts and traits from their equipment, and things such as bonus stat boosts can be earned from certain equipment (e.g. armor that powers up your attack). Not all equipment works for fighting only, though. Some, such as the financial analyst’s spectacles, can increase their resource earnings too.

The overall battle number isn’t everything when matching up against an adversary. The weapon type matters too, as bow and arrows can get more attacks off against an enemy than a sword will due to starting the attack earlier. Also, the number of characters in a battle can make a difference. Two very powerful characters can often decimate five weaker ones that add up to the same battle score.

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When you start to run out of stuff to do in your castle, upgrade the throne room. Lots of stuff gets unlocked every time you upgrade the throne room – for example, you can unlock the crafting buildings at 4 and 5. The more you upgrade, the more people you can stick in the barracks for fighting power, as well.

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and the main way to get them is to spend real-life money on them. However, there are ways to get free gems in the game. Besides getting them from the chests, you can also get them by completing achievements. Tap the crown button to collect rewards from the achievements that you have completed, or to see the requirements for the ones that you haven’t completed.

Even when you have your characters set for battles, have one character who constantly sits inside of the fighter training room. They’ll keep powering up their fighter stat, and when you upgrade your throne room again and are ready for another fighter to join the barracks, your fighter from the training room will be able to join with a heavily upgraded fighter stat, and instantly add lots of power to your battle squad.