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I Am Giraffe – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

I Am Giraffe is a bizarre new game by Cocosola, the makers of Alpaca Evolution. In I Am Giraffe, you start off as a semi-normal giraffe who inexplicably has the power to absorb other giraffes. Therefore, your goal is to absorb all of the giraffes that you can and transform from something that looks like a normal giraffe into something that is intimidating, powerful, and barely even resembles a giraffe anymore. Read on for some tips and tricks for I Am Giraffe!

The higher your levels get, the more giraffes you have to absorb in order to power up. Each giraffe that’s first killed, and then absorbed, will earn you three experience points. Each giraffe takes somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds to appear, so the screen fills up again fairly quickly.

Even so, though, if you don’t want to wait, and you want to rush to find out what an insane looking monster you can create, go ahead and set the time ahead on your phone or your tablet. Do this by going to the date and time settings and playing around with the time, setting it ahead by two or three minutes at a time. When you go back to the game, you will instantly have a full load of 10 giraffes waiting for you to absorb.

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You can do this as long as you want to, but when you are ready to put the game away, set the time back to normal. If you set it back to normal in the middle of the game, the giraffes will quit appearing for a small amount of time, at least until you get back the time that you originally cheated off of the game.

If you want to see some stats on your giraffe, tap the button in the lower right hand corner that looks like a giraffe. All of the text is in Japanese, so you’re going to have a hard time figuring anything out; however, look in the upper right hand corner of the pop up screen to see height and weight of your giraffe.

Tap the giraffe button in the left upper corner of the popup to choose whether to download Alpaca Evolution or Alpaca Evolution begins. Tap the button that looks like a pencil, and you’ll be prompted to write a review about the game. The button below that takes you to a website, but I have no idea what the site says.