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I Became a Dog – All Endings Guide – Spoilers, tips, and walk-through for all five endings

I Became a Dog is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to find out how you turned from a human into a dog, and then to figure out how to turn from a dog back into a human. You can finish the game in five different ways, with each one providing a different ending. Some endings are better than others, but each ending, both the good and the bad, counts toward the total. Read on for a guide on how to finish the game in all five different ways in I Became a Dog!

Ending 1: “Death”. You can achieve this ending in one of two ways. The first way is to play all the way through until you get to the point where Tomy gives you the task to use the gas can and the oil hose and collect oil from the toilet. Give the oil to her, then take your toy from her. It will blow you up and you’ll die. The second is to play through as if you’re playing for the “Happy ending”. Once Julia starts chasing you, stand still in the living room and let her kill you.

Ending 2: “Imprisonment”. There’s one way to achieve this ending. To get this ending, you have to play through up until you get the jail key from underneath Tomy. Then Julia will ask you to break her out. Break her out immediately. The two of you will automatically confront Tomy, and then get locked in jail by Tomy and James.

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Ending 3: “It’s all mine!” Play through, do not get maximum speed (or if you have it already, have Sony lower your speed by one). Play until you get Tomy the oil, and Tomy offers you her toy. Turn her down twice and she will kill James. Break Julia out of the prison. When Tomy is locked up, go to your owner’s bed in the bedroom and bark three times. Then when he wakes up, he will run and you won’t be able to catch him. He’ll lock himself in the room. Sony will show back up and Julia will start trying to chase you around. Go to the prison and bark. She’ll run into the prison to get the food. Go to the computer and enter the code to shut the door. Then go talk to Sony.

Ending 4: “Back to Human” – Play through the game, have Sony increase your speed to the maximum speed, stop Sony from jumping, and turn down the gift from Tomy. She will then give it to James and kill him. Then break Julia out of the jail and lock up Tomy. Once you do that, go into the bedroom, talk to the owner of the house, and wake him up with three consecutive barks. When he runs away, you’ll be able to catch him because your speed will be maximized. Kiss him to turn into a human again. Sony will show back up as a human. Search for the nest egg in three places. Once you have 10 dollars he will teach you how to speak as a human again. Talk to your wife. She will angrily kick you out of the house.

Ending 5: “Happy Ending” – Play through, max out your speed with Sony. Don’t stop Sony from jumping – let him keep jumping. Then turn down Tomy’s gift so she gives the bomb to James. Break Julia out of jail and lock up Tomy. Go to the bedroom and wake up the owner of the house with three barks. He’ll run away for awhile, then you will catch him. Kiss him to turn back into a human. You will only speak dog, though, because Sony won’t show back up. Your wife will show up and yell at you. Kiss the dog to turn back into a dog, then go to your wife, and she will love you and feed you forever.