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I Became a Dog – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

I Became a Dog is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that is both weird, interesting, and intensely compelling. You play as a human who wakes up after a night of alcohol-fueled partying, only to find out that he’s turned into a dog. Your goal is to figure out how to become a human again by interacting with the other dogs, discovering the secrets of the household, and figuring out who to talk to and what items to get to accomplish the given goals. Read on for some tips and tricks for I Became a Dog!

If this is your first play-through of the game, keep talking to Sony, the older dog, as you get places with the other dogs. You’ll be able to get different skills, and at about the mid-way point in the game, you will also be able to increase the speed of your dog’s movement. There is a maximum speed, and in many scenarios, whether or not you hit this maximum speed will change your ending.

When you make it into the warehouse, you’ll see three bags of dog food, with some food spilling out onto the ground. Make sure to eat the food as soon as you get into the warehouse. Eat it and you’ll end up with around 4 instant experience levels to your dog language speaking ability.

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Once you unlock the ability to fart, let out another fart immediately after the expiration of the first one to keep them running towards you, especially if you would have had a huge pile just run away when the fart effect went away. This is especially useful once you have fart multipliers after finishing the game. If you use it so much that the green charge button appears, you can hit the button, a video will play and the farts will be recharged; or, you can simply wait for them to come back as per usual.

Want a hint? Go to the hint screen and pick a topic that you want a hint about. They will essentially spoil the game, though, so to get the most out of the game, you’ll want to try to solve the puzzles yourself. If you absolutely cannot figure out a puzzle, then go for the hint.

You have five potential endings in this game. After you get one ending, go back through the game and pick different options during the conversations with other dogs. You may have to say no multiple times to the same question, or figure out some new puzzles when you go back through. But you can discover all five endings this way.