Idle Airport Tycoon: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Idle Airport Tycoon is a new tappy airport management simulator for the iOS and Android platforms where you run your own airport, pull in as many passengers as you can, and make a massive amount of money while doing it. You can upgrade your planes, your tarmac, terminal, vehicles, do research on new technologies, and more, while earning massive amounts of coins. Read on for some tips, chetas, hints, strategies, and tricks for Idle Airport Tycoon!

To get passengers into the terminal as quickly as possible, don’t just tap on the roundabout; tap on the entire street. With all of that useable area, use as many fingers for tapping as possible so that you can load up on passengers until you overheat your ticket takers. Upgrade your vehicles (and buy new vehicles) to deal with the added passenger load, though, or you won’t make any extra money.

Tap on the black bird whenever you see it to collect an instant prize, or tap on the golden bird whenever you see it to collect a much larger prize. The golden bird will require you to have an internet connection because you earn the prize only after watching an ad video, but once the video is done, you will either receive a gigantic amount of money, or quite a bit of free gems. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and this is the best way to earn them without buying them as an IAP.

You can either upgrade everything in the research area 1x at a time, or do the maximum number of allowed upgrades. Once you upgrade your planes and start over, switch to the max upgrades to get things going a lot more quickly; then when you get to the more expensive upgrades, switch back to the x1 tier so that you can space out the upgrades a bit better.

In addition to upgrades your planes, you can even prestige. You can prestige for the first time once you hit 30 investors; from then on, you get more prestiges as you get further into the game, and you can even attract extra-terrestrial investors too. Each investor gives a 10% income bonus, and each extra-terrestrial investor gives you a 15% total income bonus (5% on top of the investor bonus that is already there).

In addition to catching golden birds for gems, another good way to earn free gems is to complete all of your missions. You only get one mission at a time, and it appears in the box that looks like a “[!]”. Tap that box, and if you have already completed the mission, you’ll earn gems for it. If you haven’t, then the pop-up window will tell you what to do in order to complete it.

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