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Idle Apocalypse: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Idle Apocalypse is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you control a doomsday cult, raise zombies and orcs and other creatures, and collect resources such as dark energy. You have a premium resource, gems, that you can collect for big boosts, and endless amounts of new buildings, rooms, and floors that you can unlock. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Apocalypse!

Much like games such as Adventure Communist, there are a ton of resources to deal with in this game, not just cash. One room’s resource powers another room, which creates another resource, which powers another room, and so on and so forth. The easiest way to cut through the confusion is to wander around your tower, look through all of the rooms, find ones that are eligible for upgrades (or find new floors and rooms that you can build), and then upgrade them as they become available.

Some floors have more than one room and/or produce more than one product. Swipe left or right on the specific floor in order to see if there is another room to build or upgrade. When you need another resource but you have no idea what space to get the resource from, typically this is how you find the space where you can get that resource.

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Hit the idle battling area by taping on the two-swords icon. This battle fights itself, although if you go here, you can speed battles along by hitting the spell buttons, such as Dark Fist. As your characters defeat enemies, you’ll automatically collect random resources, especially rotten flesh, so if you have a resource deficiency that you need to address, go here and win some extra resources.

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and while there are ways to earn them for free, the quickest way is generally to purchase them. There are three ways to earn them for free, primarily. You can win them from spins at the prize wheel, or from the drop ship, or you can earn them from claiming achievement rewards. Additionally, you can find a TapJoy offer wall in the store, where plenty of free offers exist to earn you gems.

When you construct a new floor or build a new room on a floor, make sure that you hit the play button if you need that resource, because if you don’t, nothing will happen in that room. Only one product can be produced on one floor at a time, so if you press play on the second resource, production of the first resource will stop.