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Idle Armies – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Idle Armies is a new clicker game where you get to play as both the heroes and the villains. It’s an idle clicker RPG that satirizes RPG tropes in general, and is addicting as you get to build two different armies, one hero or villain at a time, and even fight against members of the other army. You can earn coins and gems along the way, and buy all sorts of upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Armies!

You will be prompted to switch teams every so often, and the advantage of switching from heroes to villains when prompted is that both armies will gain a DPS multiplier. However, if you don’t want to switch at the moment, you can keep going for as long as you want as your army of choice. You’ll even still come across friendly NPCs and get quests from them.

While the quickest way to earn gems is to buy them as an in-app purchase, you’ll load up on free gems as you progress through the game. Check your achievements, which are listed under the trophy icon, and you will be able to collect gem rewards from the ones that you have completed. Also, watch the videos that the genie offers you – some of them contain gym bonuses.

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Want to earn gold right away for free? All that you have to do is go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead by however long you want to – an hour, six hours, a day, or however long you want to. Then go back to the game and you will load up on free gold instantly. Do this trick as many times as you want.

You can use the gems in two different places. Hit the Powers menu, which is inside the icon that looks like falling gold, to purchase temporary powers and gold rain for small amounts of gems. Or go to the various unlocked locations such as the shop, barracks, or prison. The shop contains permanent bonuses, while the prison allows you to unlock new heroes for gems instead of gold. The barracks have archers, potioneers and others who add to your DPS and cost gold, but can be sped up with gems.

Once you unlock the battle area, both of your armies will be able to prestige. Your army will fight the battle automatically, and when they finish you’ll earn hearts for the heroes and skulls for the villains, but you will start back over and everything will be reset. The farther that you have gone up to this point, the higher your prestige bonus will be.

Generally, the most recent unlocked hero will be the most powerful per amount of gold spent on upgrades. Keep your heroes upgraded fairly evenly for the most efficient DPS gains, but upgrade your most recent heroes first. This will change as you unlock the tower upgrades, especially the DPS boosters for specific types of heroes and villains.

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