Idle Car ! (iOS/Android): Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Idle Car is Lion Studios’ latest idle game for the iOS and Android platforms that challenges you to build numerous cars, motorcycles, boats, and flying machines one piece at a time, like the old Johnny Cash song. Being that it’s developed by the same folks who did Idle Human, the gameplay is similar, but unique enough not to be a clone.

You can earn loads of cubes and gems, unlock brand new cars and boosts, and even prestige in order to get a bigger bonus for every upgrade that you purchase. Plus, you have bonuses from the Nitros, Turbo Boosts, Speedometers, Sparks, and other assorted methods to load up on the cubes.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Car!

You start off with the sedan, and then later on, you can unlock the sports car, the motorcycle, the robo car, the helicopter, and the yacht. Each one costs more than the last to unlock, but once you do unlock it, all of the individual upgrades will be fairly attainable; I.E. they will start off cheap and then get more expensive, but only at the same speed as the upgrades to the previous vehicle, making it easy to upgrade to a high level.

Before you do any of that though, hit the “boosts” section. The first batch of upgrades that you can do here are the percentage multipliers, in order to increase your base earnings for every car that you buy. First, the upgrades will cost cubes, then later upgrades will be free with an ad video.

The most important boost upgrade of all, though, is to your sparks. Sparks are your tapping income, and the only way to increase sparks is with the boosts for more unit production. Like above, these will switch back and forth between costing cubes and requiring you to watch an ad video in order to upgrade.

The ad video requirement makes it so that you can upgrade your sparks to a huge level before even doing anything else. So upgrade the sparks as high as you can, start tapping, and then start unlocking all of the rest of the boosts, the rest of the cars, and building more stuff for the cars that you already have.

Now, go back to your vehicles and start upgrading various parts. Upgrade either x10, x1, or x100. Unlock more and more parts to your car for large income boosts; each successive part is worth more than the part that game before it.

Additionally, max out the upgrade level of every part that you can. Each time that you max out a part, you’ll get a huge income boost for that part. Additionally, each time that you unlock a new part, you’ll get a new available boost in the “boost” area to purchase.

Prestiging gives you a permanent multiplier based off of how long you played the game for, and each 3 minutes that you play the game actively (are online within the game) earns you another 0.01x for the next time you prestige. So if you play for one hour, you earn 0.20x, giving you 1.20x next time you prestige.

To earn a gigantic multiplier when you prestige, turn off your screen’s auto-sleep, plug in your phone or tablet, and leave the game active overnight when you go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, check your prestige multiplier and it will be super high. If you slept for 7 hours, for example, you’ll have an additional 1.40x for a total prestige number of 2.40x.

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