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Idle Coffee Corp: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Idle Coffee Corp is a new idle game where you run a coffee shop, serve all sorts of different types of coffee, and make a huge amount of money. You can unlock all sorts of different types, earn cards with which you can upgrade your coffee types, and purchase new coffee shops from city to city.

You can earn cash as well as gold bars, as well as prestige, which can earn you golden beans, for all kinds of even better bonuses. Plus, you can get a huge revenue boost from various different kinds of premium bonuses and ad videos.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Coffee Corp!

When you upgrade your coffee stands, you can either do one level at a time, ten, fifty, or you can do the max possible level. Switch to the max level for the fastest possible upgrades, especially on your oldest coffee stands which have cheap upgrades, and especially after a prestige.

You can tap on the line of the manager to send people to the coffee stands faster, or tap the lines in the front of the coffee stands to serve people immediately.

You can tap with more than one finger at a time; just aim your fingers at different lines. Use this to serve customers at multiple lines at a time when they’re backed up so that you can catch up.

If you unlock a new coffee but then don’t assign it to a stand, your customers will often pass right by every stand without buying anything because the coffee they want is not available. Make sure that all of your stands serve different types of coffee.

If you have more stands than coffee types, then put your highest-demanded coffee type at multiple stands. Otherwise, make sure that each of your stands has a different type of coffee.

One of the coffee stands will show a sign that says “Unlocks: New Cafe Location”. Find this one and you’ll be able to open a coffee shop in a new city. Just upgrade it to the first level in order to enable a new city.

At the beginning, this game has only one new city to unlock. Look for the developers to add upgrades to the game; often when they release a new update, they’ll include a new city with it that you can then unlock later on.

Gold is the premium currency of the game, and while the main way to get more gold is to buy more gold, you can get a lot of free gold in the game if you play your cards right.

The quickest way to do so is to unlock new achievements. Tap on the ribbon button, which is the achievement button; there will be multiple categories of it such as Coffee Corp and New York (and other cities that you’ve unlocked).

Prestiges can be unlocked at basically any time. Hit the golden seed button to prestige, and you’ll earn a number of golden beans, which give you a multiplier bonus.

You’ll also be able to buy epic coffee baristas, using your golden coffee beans. These will give you multipliers on specific cups of coffee.

Once you earn enough cards to upgrade a specific coffee, tap on it to research it. You can either wait for the research to finish or you can watch ad videos in order to cut off 30 minutes per video. You need to have an internet connection to watch videos; otherwise, none will show up.

Other ad video bonuses include the Manager Boost, which triples the speed of the manager, and the Advertising Campaign, which doubles your income for four hours straight. All it takes is two videos and you can enable both of these at once for massive earnings.


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