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Idle Flipper – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Idle Flipper is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you flip knives (and swords and forks and other weapons), try to land them in the ground, and then earn money for the ones that you land correctly. You can use the money to buy even more weapons, which earn you even more money, upgrade them, and automate the throwing of said weapons. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Flipper!

Each weapon has a different weight, and thus a different distance that you have to swipe in order to get the weapon to land in the ground. For example, the gladiator sword is very heavy, so you have to swipe up hard in order to land it properly. The fork is not so heavy, so you don’t have to swipe up too much in order to get an accurate throw.

Upgrade your weapon and it will earn more money for you each time that you land it properly. In addition, you can earn double the money simply by getting a perfect throw. A perfect throw is one where the weapon lands perfectly upright, and if you can land this properly, you’ll earn two times the money as a reward. Once you automate a weapon, it will no longer be able to earn perfect throw bonuses.

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There are two different 2X bonuses that you can unlock by watching bonus ad videos. The two-minute bonus will double your money for two minutes, and the 30 second bonus will double your money for 30 seconds. The only reason to go for the 30 second bonus is if, for some reason, you run out of two minute bonuses. It’s arguably not really worth it considering each ad video takes about 30 seconds to complete.

Old weapons are arguably worthless to upgrade. There are no extra bonuses that come from hitting specific level milestones, so your original weapon at level 47 will cost 1.1 million but will only add one point to what it earns. So focus your upgrades on the newest weapons at all times.

Many of your weapons will have a specific swiping sweet spot, and that is right in between the two different 2x bonus buttons. It will be on the higher or lower end of this, but generally, it will be in between each of these two buttons. So whenever you get a weapon, start there with your swipe distance and work up or down depending on what your weapon requires.