Idle Food Truck Tycoon: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Idle Food Truck Tycoon is a new idle clicker for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to run a food truck park, make a massive amount of money, enter in tournaments, and earn a ton of coins, gems, and cash.

Not only that, but you can win tickets, compete to win first place in food truck tournaments, and then prestige to start back over with far higher bonuses and profits.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Food Truck Tycoon!

On the food truck level-up screen, be sure to switch from X1 to MAX. Doing this will get you the maximum possible upgrade for the amount of money you have, but it will stop you at specific upgrade milestones if they are before the maximum.

Milestones include level 25, 50, 100, and other coin-doubler levels. Shoot for these goals when you’re upgrading your trucks so that you can maximize the bang for your buck, or in this case, for your coin.

Next to the food truck level-up screen is the upgrade screen, where you can automate production, purchase multiplier bonuses, and more. When an upgrade is available, you’ll see a “!!!” appear next to the icon, so keep checking back to see when an icon appears so that you can buy an upgrade.

Once you unlock six food trucks, you’ll be able to prestige by cashing in. Do this and the game will reset, but you’ll earn cash in exchange for selling all of your food trucks. Cash unlocks major boosts, and is worth 2% extra profit per cash all on its own.

So if you have 100 cash, you earn 200% extra profit total. Also, in the upgrade menu, you will be able to buy various upgrades for cash, such as income multipliers, or upgrades increasing the profit per cash that you have.

Before you purchase a cash upgrade, take into account how much cash you’ll lose. If the lost cash will negate the bonus, then don’t purchase, but if the boost more than makes up for the lost cash, then buy the upgrade.

You can use ad videos for three things in this game, all of which make it more than worth the watching of ads. The main thing you can use them for is doubling your income for four hours. Simply tap on the bus in the lower right corner of the screen to do that.

The second thing is doubling your offline income. This is especially worth it if you have just been offline for a long period of time, so you have a high offline income anyways. The longer you are offline, the more money the ad will be worth.

Finally, you can only prestige once every 24 hours, except if you watch an ad video, you can prestige and grab the cash bonus whenever you want. Which is extremely useful, because the more often that you grab the cash bonus, the better, for the most part.

You have other food truck parks that can be unlocked for limited-time events. If you enter the event, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between your primary food truck park and the event park as often as you want. Plus, your park will earn offline income while you are gone, which can then be multiplied.

So enter the events as often as possible. You’ll not only be able to play two games within one, but you can unlock rare and special food trucks this way.

Earning experience levels is the top way to earn free gems, and you can use a trick to gain levels rapidly. Simply swipe over your first three food trucks over and over, because the experience is gained based not on how much gold you collect, but based on how many times you swipe over the trucks.

Since the original good trucks are the ones which become ready to collect the most frequently, swipe over them rapidly to gain levels extremely quickly.

Whenever a drone shows up flying overhead, tap it in order to earn tons of income. Tap it as fast as you can. The income will be based off of the total coins per second earned by all of your food trucks combined. So the more upgraded you are, the more each drone tap will be worth.

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