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Idle Gun Tycoon: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Idle Gun Tycoon is a new iOS and Android game where you can merge guns together, earn a ton of idle money, and then play all sorts of gun-related mini-games, such as target shooting and going to the gun range. You can merge real-life firearms, earn coins and gems, and more.

You can add speed multipliers, do other sorts of video bonuses, and even engage in VIP mode. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Gun Tycoon!

Your main way to earn more money is, of course, to get better and better guns. Buy all that you can, then merge as much as you can, then buy all that you can, then merge all that you can. Keep repeating and repeating this until you run out of money. Then you can start playing the stages to kill time and earn bonuses.

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Hit the standard levels to take a shot at bottles. The more advanced your gun, the quicker you’ll be able to shatter each one. Many guns have different characteristics than other guns, too, depending if they are pistols, shotguns, SMGs, or another type. So change guns whenever you see fit in order to choose what fits your style of shooting the best.

You can do the same thing at the gun range, which unlocks when you merge the level 10 gun for the first time. The level 10 gun is the KS-12. Shoot as close to the center of the target possible to earn as many points as you can. Earn enough points, and you will also have a shot at a free diamond – of course, you’ll have to shoot the diamond to get it, though.

Take all of the video offers that you can find in this game. There is one offer that allows you to speed up the earnings by x5 over the standard speed by watching an ad video. You can also get a free spin for coins, diamonds, or other prizes by watching an ad video. You can get many free ad video attempts as you want.

Make sure to go to the store tab when you purchase guns, not just purchase what the quick-buy button recommends. Go to the store tab and you can focus in on higher-level guns and watch ad videos for specific free guns, occasionally. This prevents you from wasting your money on low-level guns and from getting stuck with too many different guns to merge.

If you do end up stuck or you just want to get rid of a low-end gun, though, use the delete button to make it go away. Tap and drag the gun that you want to get rid of toward the trash can logo, and it will go away. You’ll even get a bit of bonus cash for it.


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Thursday 20th of February 2020

I have all the guns and now I’m just generating money just for grins, so I want to have all 12 slots filled with level 50 guns because they generate the most money. The problem I have is I need to fill the last 3 slots with 50’s but can’t because there’s not enough room to merge guns to get them to lvl 50 and in the store the lvl 47-50 guns are locked and I cannot buy them. So, obviously my question is, how do I unlock those last 4 guns? Thank you